Does your pet have bad breath or discolored teeth? These may seem like cosmetic issues but are actually signs of a deeper problem. Dental disease can lead to many serious problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. A thorough oral exam is an essential part of your pet’s wellness exam and will be performed each time we examine your pet. We will then make recommendations to help address any concerns we may find. This can include diet and treat suggestions, or a recommendation for a dental cleaning and oral health assessment under anesthesia.

Many people are concerned about risks associated with anesthesia. While there are risks associated with any anesthetic procedure, we take many precautions to make each procedure as safe and as thorough as possible. Each dental cleaning includes an exam and blood work prior to anesthesia, as well as a full oral assessment, scaling of the plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth and under the gums to remove bacteria, and polishing the teeth with a fluoride treatment. We may take radiographs of affected teeth, if needed, as well.

Please view our video on this page for a complete explanation of a dental cleaning, and call to schedule your pet today.