Proper grooming, bathing, and nail trimming keeps your pet comfortable and keeps their skin and hair in good, healthy condition. Our groomer Sarah uses the latest grooming techniques to help your pet not only look their best but feel their best, too. She provides a personal consultation when your pet visits to ensure you are getting the look you want for your pet.

We recommend that grooming be introduced early on in your pet’s life to best acclimate their pet with the process. This helps reduce fear and nervousness during grooming procedures. For those pets that are nervous or fearful, we have several options to help make their grooming visit more peaceful, including happy visits, a large selection of high-value treats, and short-term anxiety medications.

Our services include bathing with salon-grade shampoo, thorough brushing, nail trimming, and salon-style haircuts for both dogs and cats. Please call us today for more information on services and pricing.